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Joe Kamo Show

Nov 23, 2020

Brandon Savage is a Macho Man impersonator and reality TV Star. He lives and breaths Macho Man and was featured on the show "Dark Side of the Ring". He continues to keep the Randy Savage legacy going. 

In this episode of the Joe Kamo show we talk about his journey, getting the call for the TV show, and what it's like...

Nov 20, 2020

Pat Mayo is a sports broadcaster, analyst and the host and owner of the Pat Mayo Experience. He makes videos, writes and keeps it real. 

In this episode we talk about fantasy sports, life and who would win in a fight between several fictional characters. 

Follow Pat here @thepme 

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Nov 18, 2020

Nick Barnes AKA "The Flash" is a 19-year-old from Mississippi who ran a 4.14 40 yard dash. This video went viral on many sports pages including Sports Center. 

We talk about his amazing 40 yard dash time and his plans for the future and possibly breaking the world record 100-yard dash! 

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Nov 17, 2020

Brandon Ray is a Musician and Entrepreneur. His music and songs were featured on Fox Sports, NFL Network, and more. 

He is dedicated to his craft, passionate about sports, and lead singer of the band Outskrts. 

Follow Brandon on Instagram @brandonraymusic 

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Nov 16, 2020

Dr. Michael Risher works with NFL athletes like Allen Robinson, David Montgomery, and Josh Norman to name a few. He looks after athletes' sports injuries and physical conditioning. 

He is a doctor of chiropractic. Also, a certified Practitioner of Applied Kinesiology. He works with athletes in all 3 major...