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Joe Kamo Show

Jan 22, 2021

Skyy Simmons is a mentor, personal trainer, and entrepreneur. We talk about taking action towards health and fitness along with some tips to get started now. 

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Jan 17, 2021

Vegas Dave joins Joe K'Amo to discuss Sports Betting and Sportscard collecting. We dive into some tips for both trending hobbies! 

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Jan 8, 2021

Devin Ratray joins us and shares some Home Alone Secrets and what he is doing today! He played the iconic character Buzz on Home Alone and continues a successful acting career. 

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Jan 7, 2021

Zuby shares his experience of being on the Joe Rogan Show, breaking the Women's deadlift record and fitness. We also talk about the world situation. 

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Jan 6, 2021

Everything you need to know to get started with sports card collecting. From what brands to collect, to how to look up what cards are hot, graded vs raw and so much more. 

Geoff Wilson from Sports Card Investor, joins Joe K'Amo and dives into sports cards to help you get started in something that you can profit from and...